VENICE, Italy Sunday 6th September 2009: Academy Award® nominee Shekhar Kapur (ELIZABETH) and Swarovski Entertainment, today present the international screening of PASSAGE the first short film directed by Kapur, starring Julia Stiles (CRY OF THE OWL, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM), Lily Cole (THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS, ST TRINIAN’S) and Haley Bennett (MARLEY AND ME, MUSIC AND LYRICS). The film features music composed by Academy Award® winner AR Rahman (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE).

Kapur’s PASSAGE invites audiences to dive into magical moments of transformation in the lives of three young women. Together with AR Rahman's score Kapur's graceful images merge into a highly emotional passage through despair and loss to reconciliation. The artistic, enchanting and dream-like film is exploring layers and reflections in psychological and aesthetical dimensions. The camera itself acts as a kaleidoscope exploring a nonlinear time-frame leaving it ultimately for the viewer to individually interpret the meaning. Shekhar Kapur explains “In the complex experience of the film, I invite you, each single viewer, to decide what it means for you”.

From the very beginning of Swarovski's long and rich history its crystalline products have always been destined to delight and inspire people's everyday lives. Swarovski is indebted to crystal as it conveys fantasies, dreams, secrets and values that vary in different cultures, times and media. As such the company is intimately linked to art and entertainment through collaborations with various artists and designers as well as stars of stage and screen. Swarovski Entertainment is both a division of Swarovski dedicated to the artistic and experiential expression of the brand and a core ambition of the company itself: to create moments of amazement for everyone to enjoy.

As it has always been Swarovski's aim to support, enable and take part in cultural and artistic interpretations of crystal, working with Shekhar Kapur is a natural progression of that ambition. Nadja Swarovski says: “Through our premium partnerships with world renowned artists we are able to inspire and engage audiences by provoking individual interpretations of crystal through fashion, jewellery, music, art and film. With the short film PASSAGE we take one step further in expanding creative borders, and working with Shekhar Kapur is a natural extension of our visionary alliances. Through Shekhar’s visual style and aesthetic philosophy, our core vision – to support and enable new artistic expressions of crystal – has come to life, bringing another poetic, enriching and magical experience to the audience”.

PASSAGE will be presented to the public on the website www.passage-experience.com from Monday September 7th 2009.



Architect David Adjaye and Shekhar Kapur created a unique crystal light show; a walkin installation offering yet another view on the film's numerous perspectives. The exhibition SANKALPA is on display in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Austria until summer 2010.

‘Swarovski Entertainment’ is both, a sub-division within Swarovski dedicated to the artistic and experiential expression of the brand and also represents a core ambition of the company itself: to contribute to inspiring moments of amazement for everyone. It is the core ambition to find and support new ways of presenting stories, symbols and associations of crystal by understanding it as a means of transformation and an entry point into otherworldly experiences. »Swarovski Entertainment« is dedicated to provide crystalline art works reaching beyond the material itself and further considers crystal as a trigger for stories yet to be unfolded.

In 1895, Daniel Swarovski I, a Bohemian inventor and visionary, moved to the village of Wattens, Tyrol in Austria, with his newly-invented machine for cutting and polishing crystal jewellery stones.

From this beginning that revolutionized the fashion world, Swarovski has grown to be the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crystal, for fashion, jewellery and more recently lighting, architecture and interiors. Today, the company, still based in Wattens, family-owned and run by 4th and 5th generation family members, has a global reach, with some 26.000 employees, a presence in over 120 countries and a turnover in 2008 of 2.52 billion Euros. Swarovski comprises two major businesses, one producing and selling loose elements to the industry and the other creating design-driven finished products. Swarovski crystal components, known by their product brand an essential ingredient of international design. Since 1965 the company has also catered to the fine jewellery industry with precision-cut genuine and created gemstones, and from April 2008 has strengthened this relationship by revitalising and renaming the product brand ENLIGHTENED™ - Swarovski Elements. Showing the creativity that lies at the heart of the company, Swarovski’s own-brand lines of accessories, jewellery and home décor are sold through more than 1,600 retail outlets in all major fashion capitals. names CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements for fashion and STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal for architecture and light, have become The exclusive Daniel Swarovski accessories collection has meanwhile become the company’s couture signature. The Swarovski Crystal Society has close to 350,000 members worldwide, keen collectors of the celebrated crystal figurines. And in Wattens, Swarovski Kristallwelten, the multi-media crystal museum, was opened in 1995, as a celebration of Swarovski’s universe of innovation and inspiration. The Swarovski corporation also includes Tyrolit®, manufacturing grinding tools, Swareflex, for road safety reflectors and Swarovski Optik, producing precision optical instruments.